Thursday, 16 February 2017

Modelling in the Modern day

The world of modelling has become so diverse in recent years with so many different shapes and sizes but, what really makes a model?

People’s opinions have become more open to the idea of a model not being your stereotypical women with legs that go on for days and a figure that everyone wished they had. A prime example of these being the Victoria Secret models who many people look up to as fashion icons and for body inspiration. What people don’t think about is the fact all these models do is train and eat healthy constantly and that it is their full time career to look this way. Then there is also all the photo shopping that can be done to pictures to create the perfect look. There are so many unique looks out there now that need to be appreciated for example Winnie Harlow who was a contestant on Americas Next Top Model or Jillian Mercado who was the face of the Diesel spring 2014 campaign.

Modelling agencies have started opening up to the idea that not all women and men look a certain way and that it’s ok for them to be unique and different in ways. One agency that embraces different kinds of people is the “UGLY models agency” which is based in London, UK.  Something that has also helped different people express themselves and the way they look is blogging, it has given people a platform to express themselves no matter how they look. It also given people the freedom to give their opinion and share their interests in fashion and the media and show themselves off which will help to create body confidence.

The industry is so wide and is used all over the world in many countries which also creates such diversity. Different countries have different beliefs towards modelling and different ways of doing things depending on their culture. There are many types of models out there that can include catwalk, fashion, commercial, plus size, glamour modelling, fit modelling and many more. Models can be of all ages but if they want it as a full time career it can be a good idea to get involved at a young age so the ways of the industry can be learned early.

In this blog there will be posts about the different kind of models out there in the industry and what makes them unique, with each post talking about a different one. There will be a range of different models looked into including different ethnic groups, age groups, models who have a disability, male models, non-conventional looks and some others. It will tell you a bit about the model themselves and explain some of the work they do and how it has an impact on the media since they aren’t your stereotypical white female model. It will also be looked at how they are seen as models whether it’s on the catwalk or in a magazine and advertisements. Posts will also include images of the work that they have done and explain some of the campaigns. 


  1. Really nice opening post - you set the scene for the blog well, and write very nicely. I am looking forward to reading more posts, and your investigation as a whole. (It's Lisa, Cat is my online identity!)

    1. Thank you, Hopefully you will enjoy the rest of my posts!

  2. Can't wait for the next post! Really interesting subject:)

  3. thank you, hope you keep reading